Thank you for remembering Crossroads Mission Avenue during Go Big Give!

The Grand Island Go Big Give Day event was a wonderful success, and we are so grateful to everyone who supported Crossroads through it! Your gift is helping to provide emergency shelter for needy and homeless men in Hall County, including services such as a clean and safe shelter, hot meals, life skills classes, and case management. Our 4-Phase Recovery program helps guests gain employment, financial independence, stable housing and equips the men for successful living after their time at Crossroads. Offering a safe shelter to the needy is meeting a basic need that the homeless are not able to provide for themselves. Thank you Grand Island for helping us help others!

Thank you for remembering Crossroads during Give Hastings Day!

Daniel Buller, Executive Director at Crossroads Mission Avenue, wants you to know how important the Hastings Give Day event is to us each year:  Donations from Hastings Give Day always come at a critical time of year, as the extreme heat of the Nebraska summer brings many men, women, and families to Crossroads for assistance.  And now, with housing costs and living expenses rising rapidly, more and more people are being driven into homeless shelters – people who call Central Nebraska home but are now homeless!  Crossroads is serving a record number of individuals – sadly, more than we’ve seen in our 39 year history.  Thanks to your generosity, our guests are getting the help they need, finding work and getting back on their feet at the Mission!  

Thank you Hastings for your generous support of Crossroads Mission Avenue! Nearly $17,000 was raised to support our operations at the Hastings Crossroads shelter during Give Hastings Day 2022! That means that YOU helped keep the lights on and the mission cool during the hot summer months. That means that YOU helped provide a safe shelter for our guests. That means that YOU helped put gas in our vehicles to transport our guests to their job interviews and Doctor appointments. Thank you Hastings for helping us help others!

It’s a BIG DAY at the Lodge!

It’s move-in day for The Lodge at Kearney Crossroads Mission Avenue! Russell’s is delivering appliances for the 15 efficiency-style apartments, and Slumberland Furniture is outfitting them with the furniture and furnishings! Individuals and families in Buffalo County will now have an affordable housing option! Thank you to Russell’s and Slumberland for working with Crossroads to provide quality furnishings and appliances for the apartments!

Kearney Tire & Auto blesses Crossroads!

Kearney Tire & Auto employee Ronda was reading her daily devotional one morning in March. And on that particular morning, the Lord impressed upon her to take action! That step of action led her to meet the critical needs of Kearney Crossroads Mission Avenue by purchasing and delivering paper products and canned goods! What a blessing to our shelter! In Ronda’s words, “What a pleasure and privilege to be able to help your mission in this way. Seeing the folks you are helping, providing them with shelter and sharing the Good News of Jesus warms my heart.” Thank you and God bless you Ronda and Kearney Tire & Auto for bringing glory to God through the helping of people!

Faith Lutheran Church provides a Potluck!

Faith Lutheran Church provided a potluck dinner for our guests at Hastings Crossroads Mission Avenue. The food was delicious and a wonderful time was had by all! Thank you so much for sharing your food and time with us!

Kohl’s helps out!

Employees from Kearney Kohl’s came to help us out by sorting and hanging clothing at Mission Avenue Thrift! Thanks for your help! Crossroads Mission Avenue and Mission Avenue Thrift are always looking for volunteers to help. If you can donate some time, go to our Volunteer webpage for instructions!

UNK Students bless Kearney Crossroads!

UNK Students worked very hard at Kearney Crossroads Mission Avenue during the Big Event, a student-led community service day! The students worked in the Mission Avenue Thrift Store, sorting and hanging clothing, which is a never-ending job for our staff! They also cleaned throughout the campus, shining up the emergency shelter and preparing the new transitional housing for the occupants who will be moving in very soon! We are SOOOO grateful for your help!!

Crossroads Guest Receives First Spirit of Kindness Certificate in Grand Island!

Congratulations to Robert Hanby on being awarded the first Spirit of Kindness Certificate in Grand Island! Thank you for volunteering your time and being a role model for others! You always bring a smile and a laugh to those around you!

Crossroads Mission Avenue Executive Director Daniel Buller shares, “Robert has been a tremendous man to have around the mission and the store. He is someone who does not let the circumstances of his life get him down – in fact, just the opposite. Not only has he excelled in the program to better his own life, but he reaches out to the other men at the mission and to the community to make other peoples lives better. At the mission he serves other men by caring for and tending to their needs. He has worked to help make sure that men have a safe, secure, drug and alcohol free facility to get well and off of the streets. He has done this by working hard and volunteering his time and attention to come alongside staff. He has also given up to 8 hours a day volunteer work (nothing that was required of him) to help build the Thrift Store and daily works hard to make it better. Robert is helping to sustain a Mission that will serve hundreds of homeless men in the city of Grand Island this year. Robert has become a face that the public expects to see at the Grand Island Mission Avenue Thrift Store, and they seek him out because he always makes people laugh and smile. Robert is an inspiration to many, showing that we can all make a difference. He deserves this kindness award!”  

The Kindness Revolution is a national initiative with the mission to raise the awareness of kindness in our communities and schools. Find out more about The Kindness Revolution – Grand Island, NE, Led by Magiera & Associates on their Facebook page.

Hastings community responds to our call for help!

The food pantry at the Hastings shelter had empty shelves after the Holidays, and Crossroads Mission Avenue called out to the community to help us out…..and help they did! Generous food donations came in from fundraisers organized by local realtor Kellie Abrams and by the local shop Small Town Famous along with MANY donations from our wonderful Hastings neighbors! Crossroads Mission Avenue is truly grateful for the food donations which provide hot nutritious meals for our guests and anyone who needs a meal, as we have an open table so that anyone can join us during our three daily meals, or can ask for a to-go box. Crossroads also provides food boxes to those in the community who have food insecurities and need the extra help. (Just call your local Crossroads shelter if you are needing food today!) In this way, all the food donations are used here or passed along to those who need it most. Thank you Hastings for helping us help others!

Nebraska Truck Center shares with Hastings Crossroads!

Nebraska Truck Center and their Hastings employees found a unique way to share with Crossroads Mission Avenue! They used their rewards points from the corporate credit card and turned them into a $1000 debit card for Crossroads’ use! In their words, “… we have been using our rewards points from our corporate credit card to do good in our communities, not just help our own pocketbook…” And Crossroads was able to use the debit card donation toward the purchase and outfitting of a new-to-us delivery truck!  We use our delivery trucks daily to pick up and deliver vital food donations, make thrift store deliveries, pick up garage sale items or estate sale left-overs, haul metal and trash, empty Win Bins, deliver clothing to our baling site, and the list just goes on and on!  Suffice it to say that our delivery trucks get daily use, to meet critical needs for the shelter, and we are deeply grateful for this gift that helped us secure this vehicle! Thank you Nebraska Truck Center!!

Hastings Community Foundation supports Crossroads’ efforts to provide needed food for the community!

Thank you to Hastings Community Foundation for awarding Crossroads Mission Avenue a generous grant to update our refrigeration units in the Hastings shelter. The mechanics which cool our commercial walk-in refrigerators are worn out, and Crossroads is thrilled that this grant from Hastings Community Foundation will allow us to make the needed repairs before summer, when the mechanical efforts to cool the unit struggle to meet the demands of the Nebraska heat! Crossroads provided over 57,000 meals to our guests and needy neighbors throughout 2021, thanks to generous donations of food products from within our community. A typical month sees about 24,000 pounds of food come through the Hastings Mission, which translates to over 288,000 pounds annually. This large amount of food comes with a conservative estimated retail cost of over $720,000, but it is then given to our guests and needy families in Adams County at no cost. When our refrigerators and freezer are working properly, that enables us to accept all donations, and in turn supply the homeless and those with food insecurities in our Hastings community with essential meals. Thank you to the Hastings Community Foundation for coming alongside of Crossroads in making sure the needs of our Adams County neighbors are met!

Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church helps keep our Kearney guests warm!

Our guests at the Kearney Crossroads Mission Avenue shelter are very grateful to Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church for their donation of 50 beautiful quilts! Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church brought the quilts from Smithfield, Nebraska, to make sure our guests are nice and toasty during these cold winter nights! May God bless you richly for your thoughtfulness!