Transitional Housing

The Crossroads Mission Avenue housing model is to provide a safe, sober, and clean living scenario which restores dignity to the individual

Crossroads Mission Avenue works hard to maintain and update facilities to feel less institutionalized and more like “home”. Crossroads offers various levels of transitional housing at each service location, which is an essential component in equipping our guests for successful living after their time at Crossroads. Each housing option is unique and as a result, we are able to cater to the unique needs of each individual.

Crossroads provides various levels of services:

Crossroads’ housing program in Kearney, Grand Island and Hastings helps meet the need for affordable housing for those coming out of our 4-Phase Recovery Program, entering the job market and managing the demands of living within their community, while still receiving guidance and accountability through Crossroads’ services. This provides a step of supported transitional housing as guests move on to more independence and self-sufficiency. Transitional housing also reduces recidivism with longer-term mentoring and life coaching for our guests.

  • Short term emergency stay
  • Long term program and transitional living
  • Long term affordable housing apartments
Carmon’s Story
“I’m excited about the future,” Carmon says. “I’m glad Crossroads is here.”
When it rains, it pours. Just ask Carmon. She was living in a basement apartment when the Great Flood of 2019 arrived. The waters rushed in, and she lost everything. Her hours at work were cut, the pandemic hit and Carmon ended up depleting her savings. Out of money and options, Carmon turned to Crossroads for help.

“At first I was like, Why am I here?,” she says. “I felt like I had failed.” But life had hit hard, and Carmon was grateful to have a safe place to land. “The staff here is amazing and so supportive,” she says. “And I know The Man Upstairs is going to take care of me. I know that.”

Carmon’s now renting one of the reduced-rate apartments at Crossroads until she can save up some money, buy a car and get back out on her own again. Till then, she’s thankful for the Mission. “I’m excited about the future,” she says. “I’m glad Crossroads is here.”

Our Campuses

Lexington – Coming in 2024!

Crossroads Mission Avenue’s Lexington campus will begin construction in 2024 to include an emergency shelter and transitional housing at 907 W 8th St!