About Us

Bringing Glory to God Through the Helping of People

Crossroads Mission Avenue was established in 1983 with a vision to serve the hungry and needy as they sought assistance.

What started out as a soup kitchen serving one meal a day with only one bed, has evolved into a state-of-the-art facility providing unparalleled services in central Nebraska.

We offer so much more than a hot meal and a warm bed. Our 4-Phase Recovery Program and Personalized Case Management is what sets us apart.

Jordan’s Story
“What Crossroads has given me is pretty much a new life.”
Jordan came to Crossroads from a broken family. His mom raised all six children alone, and drank quite heavily. As an adult, Jordan followed this example of alcohol abuse, and found himself homeless and without basic life skills. “What Crossroads has given me is pretty much a new life,” states Jordan. At Crossroads Mission Avenue, Jordan met the Lord, learned how to budget money and become a productive member of society. Jordan sums up his feelings by saying, “Crossroads is a family to me, and they will always have a part of my heart.”

Our Campuses

Lexington – Coming in 2024!

Crossroads Mission Avenue’s Lexington campus will begin construction in 2024 to include an emergency shelter and transitional housing at 907 W 8th St!

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Crossroads Mission Avenue will not refuse services based on a guest’s race, color, religion, sex or national origin.