Corporate Partnership

A corporate partnership with Crossroads Mission Avenue will benefit YOUR company!

Benefits for YOUR company:

  1. Philanthropy is great for your brand image with your employees and customers who appreciate corporate social responsibility
  2. Offers volunteer opportunities for your employees
  3. Possible tax incentives

Benefits for Crossroads Mission Avenue:

  1. Offers funding for diversification of support for the ministry, which supports our long-term sustainability plan
  2. Volunteers are always needed and welcomed!
  3. Shows community support for the ministry

Cooperative benefits:

  • Use of advertising for both parties on both parties’ channels. Provides a wider audience and connections
  • Encourages and increases community involvement
  • Provides long-term support for homeless services in Central Nebraska, impacting countless lives!

Your corporate partnership with Crossroads Mission Avenue will impact our Nebraska communities!

Crossroads Mission Avenue is Central Nebraska’s Rescue Mission. As a nonprofit corporation, Crossroads provides emergency shelter and transitional living services to the homeless and needy in Central Nebraska.

Since 1983, Crossroads has been carrying out our mission to bring glory to God by providing nutritious food, safe shelter, clothing, and physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and vocational support to the homeless, as well as providing indigent services for those who are needy.

We offer a 4-Phase Recovery Program, transitional housing, and one-on-one case management, which will equip program participants for successful living after their time at Crossroads and lead to homelessness prevention.

Our Core Values are to strive to be Christ-centered in all we do, to care for those in need in Central Nebraska, to involve the community in Christian ministry, to demonstrate Christ’s love through our actions and in truth, and to establish relationships through integrity and respect.

Crossroads Mission Avenue is Central Nebraska’s Rescue Mission!

Our Partners

We would love to meet with you to discuss how a partnership between YOUR business and Crossroads Mission Avenue can make a lasting impact!