Recycling at Crossroads

Win Bins


  • 610 E South St. / Dally’s Deli
  • 1220 W 18th St / Hastings Family YMCA
  • 622 N Lincoln Ave / 1st Presbyterian Church PEACE Center


  • 602 W 6th St, Suite A / Master Builder Associates

Grand Island

  • 2846 Old Fair Rd
  • 710 State St. / Super Saver Parking Lot
  • 1828 N Webb Rd, Suite 1 / Essential Personnel


  • 7 West 25th St. / APPLE MARKET
  • 1325 North 2nd Ave. / 14th Street Mall
  • 2310 14th Ave. / Christian Student Fellowship
  • corner of 32nd and 2nd Ave. / Exchange Bank
  • 5816 2nd Ave. / Slumberland
  • 1316 East 39th Street / Mission Avenue Thrift Store
  • 4010 7th Ave. / Kearney E-Free Church
  • 101 E 6th St./ Sixth Street Self Storage

Did you know?

  1. Approximately 81 pounds of clothing and household textiles per person are thrown away annually in the US, but most of that could be reused and recycled!
  2. Win Bin accepts CLEAN items: clothing, towels, curtains, robes, cloth bags, upholstery, rugs, place mats, blankets and bedding, any fabrics. We can ALSO accept: purses, belts, toys, and shoes!
  3. YOUR donations help support your LOCAL Crossroads Mission Avenue shelter! YOUR donations provide jobs and job training for our Crossroads guests!
  4. Crossroads Mission Avenue recycles over 147,000 pounds of mixed goods annually! Thank you for your help!
NET grants have provided needed recycling equipment to Crossroads Mission Avenue

Nebraska Recycling Council (NRC) has funded several recycling equipment purchases for Crossroads Mission Avenue over the years through the Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET). Donation bins are placed in convenient locations throughout the Kearney, Grand Island and Hastings communities, where clean, no longer used clothing, blankets and towels can be dropped off.

Crossroads’ mission statement is “Bringing Glory to God through the Helping of People”. Our recycling program brings glory to God and assists the communities we serve by using our resources wisely and helping to reduce the pollution caused by waste. Our recycling program helps our guests by providing job training and community service opportunities. It helps the people in our communities by educating them about the value of recycling and gives them the opportunity to participate in a program that benefits the environment.

Most people are eager to see their belongings go somewhere they are needed rather than throwing them away. As our society moves further into an eco-conscious lifestyle, it’s exciting for a community to learn about innovative ways they can minimize their belongings and help the environment at the same time!