Crossroads Mission Avenue is committed to financial integrity. An independent financial audit is available upon request. Email us at to request a copy. Download the 990 here.

Skyler’s Story
“Most shelters aren’t like this one. Most people don’t care like these people care.”
Skyler was kicked out of his home when he was just 16. For a few years, he lived with friends. And when his friends’ dad introduced him to meth, it was an introduction to hard drugs that left him living on the streets for many years, staying high to escape the misery. One day he met the previous Crossroads Director, Jerry Bumgardner, who invited Skyler to come to Crossroads Mission Avenue. Skyler hadn’t stayed long in shelters because he felt unsafe in most of them, but at Crossroads he sensed that the staff wanted the best for him. “This place is honestly unique”, Skyler says of Crossroads. The message Skyler wants to get out there is this: “To the good people who are helping financially to keep Crossroads’ doors open, thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have this opportunity.”

Crossroads Mission Avenue Year End 9-30-23 Financial Information