Crossroads Collaborates with Local Agencies to Benefit Hastings Resident!

April 29, 2024

A local Hastings resident is a woodworker, crafting beautiful pieces in her backyard shop. But her disability made getting from her house into her backyard perilous. The pressing need for a solution led her case worker to turn to Crossroads Mission Avenue, seeking the possibility of a community collaboration. Working together, Community IMPACT Network, the United Way, the Hastings Berean Bible Church, and Crossroads sought a way to meet the needs of this individual. United Way coordinated the efforts, members from the Berean Church provided the skilled labor, and Crossroads purchased the materials. Crossroads Executive Director, Daniel Buller explains that his heart is for the community to see local organizations not as competitors, but as resources for each other to make an impact together. And indeed, an impact was made! The homeowner was thrilled that now she can get in and out of her house safely!