Nebraska Truck Center shares with Hastings Crossroads!

February 24, 2022

Nebraska Truck Center and their Hastings employees found a unique way to share with Crossroads Mission Avenue! They used their rewards points from the corporate credit card and turned them into a $1000 debit card for Crossroads’ use! In their words, “… we have been using our rewards points from our corporate credit card to do good in our communities, not just help our own pocketbook…” And Crossroads was able to use the debit card donation toward the purchase and outfitting of a new-to-us delivery truck!¬† We use our delivery trucks daily to pick up and deliver vital food donations, make thrift store deliveries, pick up garage sale items or estate sale left-overs, haul metal and trash, empty Win Bins, deliver clothing to our baling site, and the list just goes on and on! ¬†Suffice it to say that our delivery trucks get daily use, to meet critical needs for the shelter, and we are deeply grateful for this gift that helped us secure this vehicle! Thank you Nebraska Truck Center!!