Hastings Community Foundation supports Crossroads’ efforts to provide needed food for the community!

February 2, 2022

Thank you to Hastings Community Foundation for awarding Crossroads Mission Avenue a generous grant to update our refrigeration units in the Hastings shelter. The mechanics which cool our commercial walk-in refrigerators are worn out, and Crossroads is thrilled that this grant from Hastings Community Foundation will allow us to make the needed repairs before summer, when the mechanical efforts to cool the unit struggle to meet the demands of the Nebraska heat! Crossroads provided over 57,000 meals to our guests and needy neighbors throughout 2021, thanks to generous donations of food products from within our community. A typical month sees about 24,000 pounds of food come through the Hastings Mission, which translates to over 288,000 pounds annually. This large amount of food comes with a conservative estimated retail cost of over $720,000, but it is then given to our guests and needy families in Adams County at no cost. When our refrigerators and freezer are working properly, that enables us to accept all donations, and in turn supply the homeless and those with food insecurities in our Hastings community with essential meals. Thank you to the Hastings Community Foundation for coming alongside of Crossroads in making sure the needs of our Adams County neighbors are met!