First Interstate Bank’s Work Day Beautifies our Campuses!

September 20, 2022

First Interstate Bank branches closed up shop for the afternoon on September 14, 2022 and BLESSED their communities! Employees from the Kearney and Hastings branches chose to help us out at Crossroads Mission Avenue, for which we are very thankful! The volunteers laid mulch on our playgrounds, spread rock, planted flowers and mowed the lawns! They were a huge help with cleaning up the properties and preparing for fall, making our campuses look wonderful! Keeping our campuses looking good is very important for Crossroads Mission Avenue. Not only does it give a good testimony to the community, that we are taking good care of their investment in our work, but it also provides a positive impact on our guests, so they can take pride in where they live! The volunteers were ready to work and get dirty, if needed, and had a great dynamic amongst themselves! THANK YOU First Interstate Bank for helping us out!