Conflict of Interest Policy

A conflict of interest is defined as a situation in which an employee engages in a relationship or activity that might, in actuality or in appearance, impair or compromise his or her ability to make objective decisions and/or execute their daily tasks in an appropriate manner on behalf of the ministry.  This policy applies to members of the Board of Directors, all members of management, all staff, and all volunteers.

Those employees in positions of management must set the example for other staff members and are required to be extremely cognizant of their actions, comments, and relationships.

Crossroads Mission Avenue expects all employees to be committed to a life of integrity and to work toward protecting the integrity and reputation of the ministry.  As such, you are expected to avoid any relationship or activity that might (actual or give an appearance to) impair, or compromise the ability to make objective decisions on behalf of the ministry.

Employees should never have a personal financial interest in a ministry transaction or use Crossroads Mission Avenue resources, property, or information for personal gain.

Crossroads Mission Avenue reserves the right to determine when an employee’s activities represent a conflict with the ministry’s best interest and to take whatever action is necessary to resolve the situation – including terminating one’s employment.

It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Director to ensure that all trustees, officers, agents, employees and independent contractors of Crossroads Mission Avenue are made aware of the corporation’s policy with respect to the conflicts or duality of interest.